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The Scoring System

There are 3 sections for scoring. Food is allocated the greatest proportion of points, then Setting and Service. The following gives you a bit of an idea about how the scores are given, and what they mean.

Food: Encompasses taste and presentation of dishes. Do the flavours work? Is it just a pile of mush on the plate?
Maximum points: 4
0/4: Terrible. Can’t believe they have the gall to sell anyone food.
1/4: Below average. Would not eat again.
2/4: Edible. Passable. Unlikely to specifically seek out if there were other options.
3/4: Pretty good stuff. Elements of greatness. Would eat again.
4/4: Superb. Excellent flavours and technique all around. Hats off to the chefs and cooks. It doesn’t only apply to fine dining places. Delicious street food can score this too.

Setting: Takes into account decor, music and noise levels, appropriate furniture (having seats that are pretty but uncomfortable to sit in makes for an unpleasant time), overall ambiance.
Maximum points: 2
0/2: Bad. An unpleasant place to be.
1/2: Average. Not a place you immediately want to get out of, but hasn’t really thought about the things that would make you enjoy spending time there.
2/2: A beautiful space to be in, where consideration has gone into what would enhance the customer experience.

Service: Pretty much what it says. Given that the staff are an important interface between the restaurant and its patrons, attitudes, attentiveness, helpfulness, they all factor in.
Maximum points: 2
0/2: Appalling. Need new staff.
1/2: Average. Didn’t particularly stand out one way or the other.
2/2: Excellent. Friendly, right there when you need anything.

Maximum possible score: 8. (Yes, it’s an unwieldy number, but I’m going with it.)