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Glamorous Wok

Posted in Brisbane, and South Brisbane

Last updated on March 10, 2016

Yes, it is a cheesy name. It looks like any other older-style Chinese restaurant from the outside. Well, not that you can really see into it from the outside, thanks to posters on the outside walls and a standing screen that blocks the inside of the retaurant from view when you slide the main door open. And the lunch and dinner menus seem fairly standard for a mid-priced Chinese restaurant. But that doesn’t matter, because you’re here for breakfast. Or brunch, if you’re less enthusiatic about early weekend mornings.

Glamorous Wok does something a bit different from the usual yum cha/dim sum. It’s a similar idea, with the shared small dishes of buns and pastries, but you get different items.

Some breakfast items.
Some breakfast items.

The sesame pancakes are crisp-skinned rolls with fillings of your choice (options on the menu): egg, chicken, pork floss. You can get porridge, and steamed buns, and xiao long bao (not the absolute best around, but not bad). What you really must get though, is the Taiwanese meat floss sandwich. Get the Glamorous Wok special one. All those who wax lyrical about The Bun Mobile’s steamed buns with assorted meat filling have probably not tried these.

Soft steamed buns filled with egg, sweet pork floss, and salty vegetables.

Taiwanese sandwich. Egg, pork floss, and preserved vegetables.
Taiwanese sandwich. Egg, pork floss, and preserved vegetables.

Of course, they have soy milk, and the option of soy milk with roasted rice, as well as tea and other drinks.

They do take reservations, and it is best to come with a group of people so that you can order lots of different dishes. Just be aware that the last order for breakfast is at 11am. Bring an appetite.

More breakfast items.
More breakfast items.

Value: Good.

Address: Sunny Park (actually along the outside of the building, near the outdoor carpark), 342 McCullough St, Sunnybank QLD 4109
Phone: 07 3355 8887

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