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Muso Ramen

Posted in Gold Coast

Last updated on March 10, 2016

Much as I would like to keep it a secret so that there’s always table space when we go there, I think the word is already out. Also, it can only be good if business is good and they stay open for the forseeable future.

So. If you’re any kind of ramen aficionado and you haven’t already been to this place or heard about it, you have to ask yourself..are you really a ramen fan?

Admittedly, Muso Ramen is not a place you’d necessarily come across unless you knew about it, or happened to also like mini-golf (it is near a PuttPutt) and pancakes (also near one of the Pancakes in Paradise outlets). Now you know about it though, I’m sure you’ll be back.

It’s the rich, hearty broth that some people have to water down with the dashi stock provided in little pots. It’s the made-on-site noodles. It’s that egg with the just-cooked yolk. You’ll be back.

Muso ramen black garlic
Muso ramen black garlic

The black garlic oil with a miso base is the one I would recommend. Thin or thick noodles is your choice.. They say the thick noodles are more traditional, but the thin noodles seem to soak up more of the broth, so I tend to go for the thin noodles.

They also do monthly special versions, which vary with the seasons, for instance cold ramen in summer. This is in keeping with the Japanese way of living and eating in accordance with the seasons. They also do more experimental ones sometimes, like a chilli tomato chicken ramen with basil pistou and melted cheese. You can’t say they are absolute sticklers for tradition..

Also good are the gyoza. There are pork, beef, or vegetable varieties.

There is seating inside and outside. Table seats, and some counter seats. There are usually a number of people there, definitely busier around the usual mealtimes. Get in early for guaranteed goodness..

Price point: $12-14 for a hearty bowl of ramen. $1 extra for an upsize. $2 extra for kaedama (an extra serve of noodles). Plate of gyoza (5 a plate) for $7.

Value: Good.

Address: 2b/2484 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218
Phone: (07) 5679 3779

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  1. On the Gold Coast at the moment and have been waiting forever to get the time to try this place. Love your review!

    October 26, 2016
    • It is excellent, and I definitely recommend it as the best ramen around!

      October 26, 2016

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