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Agathe Patisserie Petite

Posted in Melbourne

If you don’t have the time, or can’t be bothered to drag yourself out to the South Melbourne Market, Agathe Patisserie now has a store in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne’s CBD. Called Agathe Patisserie Petite, it is quite literally a hole-in-the-wall shop, tucked in under a staircase.

agathe patisserie petite sign
This is the sign you’ll be looking for, above the store door.

There is a little sign above the counter, and between that and the intermittently forming line of customers in front of it, you might just be able to locate it.

agathe patisserie petite outside
The Agathe Patisserie Petite store, tucked into a stairway.

We were on our way to another meal when we were last in the vicinity of the South Melbourne Market (likely at Chez Dre or Bibelot), so hadn’t gotten pastries from the Agathe Patisserie stall there, though we had gone past it and eyed the croissants and tarts. This was much more accessible, and we weren’t going to miss out on trying their wares again.

agathe patisserie petite store
A glimpse of the store. No pictures of the rest of the interior, unfortunately. But that is about all there is to see of it.

Agathe Patisserie Petite is fronted by a glass cabinet displaying their available wares. They had a good selection on the day we visited, including different types of croissants, pain au chocolat, madeleines, and canneles. They all looked tempting, but after much deliberation, we decided on a pandan croissant and a matcha croissant.

agathe patisserie petite pastries
Most of the wares available, apart from the madeleines and canneles on top of the cabinet.

Both croissants were beautifully laminated, oven-browned, and with a glossy sheen on the outside. They were certainly very photogenic.

agathe patisserie petite croissants
Who would get just one croissant when you can get two?

The pandan croissant was easy to identify, with a bright green glaze drizzled in zig zags across the top of it. When bitten into, we found the inside of the croissant to also be a striking green. The pastry had good, honeycombed air pockets. It had a soft texture rather than a brittle, crisp crunch though. The pandan flavour was really delivered by the glaze. It was sweet, and had that fragrant, leafy note. When had without the glaze, the croissant pastry didn’t have a particular flavour of its own.

agathe patisserie petite pandan croissant
The pandan croissant, with green glaze.


agathe patisserie petite pandan croissant
A look at the croissant layers.


agathe patisserie petite pandan croissant
The pandan croissant from a slightly different angle.


agathe patisserie petite pandan croissant
What the inside of a pandan croissant looks like.

The matcha croissant was described on its label as having Japanese green tea, almond paste, and red bean. It looked like an ordinary croissant from the outside, but again, when bitten into had a green hue, this one more of a mossy, muted shade. It had those fluffy air pockets again, but similar to the other croissant was missing a crispy shatter, and had a soft doughy pull instead. There was perhaps a faint green tea flavour to it, in the afternote, but it wasn’t very distinctive. In the centre of it was the promised red bean paste, not too dense and not too sweetened. While it was a quite classical pairing of flavours on paper, it didn’t deliver on matcha or green tea, so left us underwhelmed.

agathe patisserie petite matcha croissant
The matcha croissant, looking pretty unassuming.


agathe patisserie petite matcha croissant
Inside the matcha croissant was red bean paste.


agathe patisserie petite matcha croissant
A little further into the croissant. Again, a more bready than crisp texture.

Agathe Patisserie Petite’s goods are certainly appealing to the eye, but didn’t deliver the croissant texture we had hoped for, or all the flavours. On the plus side, it is much more easily accessible for those who live and work in the city than other options. If one has the ability to travel though, Lune Croissanterie still trumps it.

agathe patisserie petite croissant
Another look at the pandan croissant, in the lovely surrounds of the Royal Arcade.

Food: 2.5/4
Setting: 1/2
Service: 1/2
Total: 4.5/8

Price point: Croissants $8 each.

Value: Uncertain, compared to what other croissanteries offer. Convenience may factor in though.

Address: Shop 49A, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
Phone:  0403 222 573
Website: Agathe Patisserie

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  1. Alice

    Where is the nearest shop to Glen Waverley. I really love your product.

    April 4, 2019
    • Hi.
      We don’t run Agathe Patisserie. You can contact them here. As far as we know, they only have the stores in the CBD (Royal Arcade) and South Melbourne Market.

      April 5, 2019

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