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Industry Beans

Posted in Melbourne

Industry Beans is a hipster place if there ever was one. In one of the back streets of Fitzroy, in a converted warehouse, is where you’ll find it. It might once upon a time have been a place only those in the know would go, but it has long since become a destination for people who love their coffee (so most young Melbournites.).

The first thing you’ll see as you come around the street corner leading to it is actually the outdoor seating area, which looks like a converted shipping container. The slatted sides fold open like large bay windows, and clear roofing means you get natural light from all sides. It was an overcast day when we went (like so many Melbourne days), so we didn’t get to see what it is like in the blast of full sun. The high ceilings make it feels spacious.

The outside of Industry Beans.
The first thing you’ll see as you approach. The outside seating area if you want to go al fresco.

There is also more indoor seating, in the adjoining converted warehouse bit, which also uses the clear roofing so customers aren’t shrouded in darkness. The decor is clean lines in mostly natural wood. The serving area black-painted slats similar to the outside, but the light colour palette used for the rest of the area keeps it bright. Inside, there are a couple of long communal tables you can sit at, or off to the side high tables and chairs for twos. Having been there on a weekend previously, it often packs out then. It is also thoughtfully fitted out with air-conditioning for when it gets roasting hot in summer, and heaters for the chilly winter.

Industry beans seating
The pale wood high chairs against the pale wood high tables against the pale wood walls. Almost Scandinavian, and minimalist. You can just see the seasoning containers as well, for salt, pepper, and sugar, that stack up tidily into the shape of a bottle. And air-conditioning and heaters.

It was less busy on the weekday morning when we were there, and we were quickly greeted and shown to seats. One of our party had her lovely new bub along, and the waitstaff seated us at the end of one of the long tables so that there was room for the pram out of a people traffic way. That may be harder to arrange on a busy weekend though.

Industry Beans inside
The counter behind which your coffee is made. The black slats above carry on the theme from outside. Natural light comes in through the clear panels.


Industy Beans inside
The view from one of the long tables. Again, you can see the height of the ceiling here, and the sacks of beans remind you that this is an active roastery. Just around the corner on the left is where bean roasting happens.

There you start with coffees, of course. Flat whites were ordered, and tasted nicely nutty, without bitterness (that would be scandalous).

Industry Beans flat white
An Industry Beans flat white (already sampled).


Industry Beans flat white soy
An Industry Beans flat white on soy. Doesn’t hold pictures as well..

The food menu is a brunch menu (or an all-day breakfast) divided into sections of regular-sized dishes, brunch sides, small plates, share plates, and desserts. It changes seasonally, so eat what you can while you can.

Between us at the table, we had the Truffled Egg, Crispy Beans and Quinoa, and the Coffee Garden. I will confess that the ordering was somewhat skewed by the fact that we had had breakfast with another friend not many hours prior, and that dampened our enthusiasm for the more robust dishes that we would have preferentially chosen in other circumstances..

The Truffled Egg was what I would best describe as a very green dish. The vegetables on the plate were all nicely cooked. The asparagus still had a bit of crunch to it. The cucumbers were firm. As the pictures will show, there was no yellowing of the leaves scattered on the dish. The pea panna cotta was very smooth, light and creamy. Of coarse the poached egg had a runny yolk. Couldn’t taste the porcini powder though, and there were no truffly flavours. It was prettily presented, and alright for what it was, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Industry Beans truffled egg
Truffled egg, pea panna cotta, summer vegetables, porcini powder, zucchini flowers, cornbread crumb.


Industry Beans truffled egg
A view of the dish from above. It is well presented.

The Crispy Beans and Quinoa was a less pretty dish, but a tastier one. There was a nice textural crunch in the dish. The avocado and the runny yolk of the egg added creaminess, so you weren’t just getting mouthfuls of quinoa grains. It was all well seasoned, and had savoury, sweet, and slightly spicy flavours.

Industry Beans crispy beans
Crispy beans, quinoa, chilli pickle, avocado, tomato, spinish onion, poached egg.

The Coffee Garden, from the dessert section, was definitely the most beautiful dish of all. It was like a coronation crown had been brought to the table. The tuille gave it height, the flowers and berry gel added colour like jewels.. The coffee caviar was a chef-y and, again, visually striking touch, like more shiny baubles. Despite being creamy white, the coffee custard pudding had a good coffee flavour, as did the cold drip gel piped around it. The pistachio sponge was soft and crumbly. Chocolate soil and pistachio pieces added more crunch. A worthy excuse for having dessert for breakfast, and, I think, highlighted their key product well.

Industry Beans coffee garden
Coffee custard pudding, coffee caviar, cold drip gel, chocolate soil, pistachio sponge, tuille.


Industry Beans coffee garden
Another shot, for more detail. You can see those individual caviar pearls.

Service was fine.

Industry Beans is worth the wander down the back lanes for the caffeination and if you pick the right dishes. You will probably see some interesting graffiti on your way to and fro as well.

Graffiti across the road
Graffiti just across the road.
Trailer graffiti
More on a trailer parked outside.

Food: 3/4
Setting: 2/2
Service: 1/2
Total: 6/8

Address: 3/62 Rose Street (at the corner of Rose and Fitzroy Streets), Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9417 1034
Website: Industry Beans

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