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Cafe Noma

Posted in Brisbane, and North Brisbane

Last updated on March 10, 2016

Another foray into suburbia brought us to Cafe Noma.

This is a quaint little cafe in Wavell Heights, almost hidden in a block of neighbourhood shops. The signage is barely visible from the road, unless you deliberately turn and look for it as you’re going by..which shouldn’t typically be happening if you’re driving and keeping your eyes on the road. The most visible thing as you pass is actually probably the Jetts Fitness gym next door. Still, many locals seem have found it, and the tables outside were all occupied when we stopped by.

Their wares aren’t very deer.

The cafe has a deer/woodland creature theme, with one of those trendy/fadish cardboard stag heads on the wall, plastic deer on the counter, deer cushions, framed stylized deer pictures, and wallpaper with pencil drawings of stags, hedgehogs, and rabbits. It’s interesting..and manages to avoid being overdone (despite it sounding otherwise).


We had coffees, which had nice chocolately flavours without bitterness. Sadly, this is yet another place that charges extra for soy milk (one of my pet peeves, I think that it’s a scam, given that soy milk is no longer “exotic” or hard to get, and costs the same as dairy milk).

Sit and have a coffee, deer..

While we were there, we were also fortunate enough to try the last muffins of the day. There was a blueberry muffin, and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin. I must say that they were some of the best muffins we’ve had for a while. Both were soft and dense, with the right size crumb, and moist all the way to the centre. Both had generous amounts of berries in them, and were not overly sweet.

The raspberry and white chocolate muffin.
The blueberry muffin.
A sectioned blueberry muffin, just to illustrate the fruity-ness.

They do also do all day breakfast and lunch items, but we visited after already having eaten, so there wasn’t room to try other food at the time.

Staff were cheerful and friendly, and efficient in coffee preparation.

Some of their pictures were a bit strange though..

Price point: $3.50 for a regular size coffee, soy milk 50c extra.

Value: Pretty standard.

Address: 159 Hamilton Rd, Wavell Heights, QLD
Phone: 07 3180 2389
Website: Cafe Noma

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