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Deedot Coffee House

Posted in Brisbane, and South Brisbane

Deedot Coffee House had been on the list of places to go for a little while, given its place on the Great Breakfasts list on Zomato, and some pretty nice food pictures. As we happened to be in the area, it seemed a good a time as any to try it out.

What you see passing by.

It is along the rather busy Logan Road, in the same row of shops as the Rare Pear (also on the Great Breakfasts list). There were also tables and chairs in the undercover area outside that, with some patrons. We decided to stick to our first option though. Although it is, as mentioned, along a road with a fair bit of traffic, you are seated far enough away to not actually be exposed to exhaust.

The road a stone’s throw away.

We approached the service counter and were soon shown to available seats. There is very limited seating inside (just a row along the counter at the window). Most of it is outdoor undercover seating in the form of a mix of metals stools and chairs mostly with tables that seat two to four. A few longer ones will fit six chairs for larger groups, or tables can be pulled together. At least on the weekends, the seating spills over to in front of the shop next door (which was closed). Most of the tables were occupied when we were there, which attests to the cafe’s popularity.

The wallpaper and some quaint prints inside.

We were given menus to look through, and a bottle of room temperature water. As is now increasingly common, we went to the counter to place orders when we had decided on what we wanted. Although the French Toast sandwich sounded interesting, we wound up settling on the Stacks On (or the Stacks On!!! as written in the menu).

The order marker you’re given to take back to your table. Varying letters.

The mango, guava and lychee frappe was nicely icy for a warm day. It did taste like mango and lychee, less so of guava. The ice was finely ground down, with no big chunks.

A cold, fruity frappe.

The Stacks On came out as a vibrantly coloured pile. Golden brown fried haloumi, poached eggs, smashed avocado, bacon, hollandaise, and cherry tomatoes drizzled with balsamic. While it was a pretty dish, the flavours didn’t quite match up to the appearance or what the component ingredients promised. On the whole, it was under-seasoned. The bacon was quite mildly flavoured. Haloumi usually gives a savoury hit, but in this instance, they may have washed it too much before cooking and leached the salt out.

The initially promising tray of food.


Closer up.. If only that haloumi had tasted as it should..


To make sure it’s been seen from all angles..

There were only a few points of interaction with the waitstaff. Service was neither fabulous nor dismal, but alright.

Inside again, across from the ordering counter, menus scribbled up.

Overall, Deedot Coffee House delivered less than hoped for based on earlier reviews and initial appearances. Would I go back? Not sure, given the other offerings around..

Food: 2/4
Setting: 1/2
Service : 1/2
Total: 4/8

Price point: $14.50 to $23.50 for anything more substantial than museli or simple things with toast.

Value: Middling. Prices are not bad, but they didn’t quite deliver on deliciousness.

Address: Shop 1/973 Logan Road, Holland Park West
Phone: 07 3161 5748
Website: Deedot Coffee House

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