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The Jam Pantry

Posted in Brisbane, and North Brisbane

We were last at The Jam Pantry over a year ago, and thought it might be time to revisit this little eatery in Greenslopes. The recollection of the queue for a table on a busy weekend had been a deterrent for a while, but we decided to try our luck away from peak brunch time.

Located along the rather busy Logan Road, the cafe is more clearly signed than many others, with The Jam Pantry in black cursive font on a yellow circle standing almost half a storey high above the front of the store. It is there on the front glass as well, as you approach the entrance.

jam pantry outside
The entrance to The Jam Pantry.

As you come through the door, you will find yourself in a cosy, homey space, with eggshell grey walls, warm wooden floors that resonate a little with each footstep, and country cottage-style furniture in white and natural wood tones. One wall had an assortment of pictures and ornaments hung on it. The wall at a far end section was covered in bright floral wallpaper. There were shelves filled with their house-made pickles and preserves.

jam pantry shelves
The shelves ladden with preserves.

We were shown to a table, and water in a glass jar and glasses were brought out to us. The food menu here revolves largely around what is seasonally available, and what fresh produce they can get. Dishes are written up on chalkboards hung on one of the walls, and the chalkboards are turned over (the opposite of a reveal on Wheel of Fortune) when they run out. There is also a paper menu brought to the table with regular items like Eggs Benedict and Nim’s Eggs (poached eggs, streaky bacon, banana chutney, pesto roasted tomatoes, and toasted sourdough).

jam pantry boards
The menu boards.

Out of the options available, we eventually settled on the Eggs Benedict and the Omelette from the board. We had, unfortunately, missed out on the fritters, and though the options we picked seemed unadventurous, they seemed promising.

Bright jazz music was playing in the background, not too loudly. The space trapped patron voices though, so the volume was above just a rumble, and quite noisy at times, which made conversation across the table difficult. The cafe was comfortably air conditioned, a good escape from the summer heat.

jam pantry inside
The homely country cottage-style interior.

Our soy iced lattes arrived in tall glasses, pleasantly cold. Cute patterned paper straws fit the look of the rest of the eatery. The iced lattes had roasted, chocolatey, nutty notes, and were a good strength.

jam pantry iced lattes
The iced lattes.

The Eggs Benedict had poached eggs, toasted sourdough, lemon zested hollandaise, and roasted tomato. We opted to have it with bacon. You can also have it with leg ham, salmon, or avocado instead. The hollandaise on the eggs was lemony, buttery, and rich, with a mild tanginess. The poached eggs had runny yolks and jelly-like whites. The bacon strips looked like the ones from Garfield comics, elongated wrinkly rectangles, with meat and fat stripes. They were crunchy like potato crisps, and salty without being overpowering. The roasted tomato added a little sweetness to the dish. The sourdough was thinly buttered, thick cut, and toasted so that the edges and surfaces were crunchy. It was a good flavour and texture mix all together.

jam pantry eggs benedict
The Eggs Benedict, with poached eggs, lemon zested hollandaise, bacon, roasted tomato, and toasted sourdough.


jam pantry eggs benedict
The bacon seen better.


jam pantry eggs benedict
The runny poached egg yolk.

The Omelette had sweet corn, chevre, roasted capsicum, peach relish, and toasted sourdough. The egg making up the body of the omelette was fluffy and light, and golden and crunchy at the edges. The ingredients in the omelette delivered a variety of flavours, from the sweet peach relish to the creamy, savoury, funky chevre. The sweet corn kernals gave a sweet, juicy pop when bitten into. The capsicum pieces were slightly tart in contrast, cooked until tender, but still retaining body. The thick cut sourdough, as with the other dish, was perfectly toasted, with a slick of butter on each side. While a fundamentally simple dish, it was well done, with a delicious combination of components.

jam pantry omelette
The Omelette, with sweet corn, chevre, roasted capsicum, peach relish, and toasted sourdough.


jam pantry omelette
The omelette closer up.


jam pantry omelette
And as seen from above.

The Jam Pantry has managed to stick around for a while now, despite what seems to be an ever-expanding cafe scene in Brisbane. Their monthly board flip means that there is a regular rotation in of new dishes, although if you find a favourite, it also means that it won’t be around for long. I do have to add though, that on our previous visit, we were underwhelmed by one of the board dishes that we ordered, so it can be a little hit and miss in different months. Worth a check out though, because when they are good, they are good.

Food: 3/4
Setting: 1/2
Service: 1/2
Total: 5/8

Price point: $14 to $19 for things more substantial than eggs on toast.

Value: Alright.

Address: 2/575 Logan Rd, Greenslopes
Phone: 07 3158 9570
Website: The Jam Pantry

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