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Shutter and Brew

Posted in Brisbane, and North Brisbane

Shutter and Brew is well hidden in the northern suburb of Wavell Heights. It’s not on a busy main road or even in a row of neighbourhood shops. Nondescript-appearing from the outside, it’s easy to miss as you go past unless you’ve specifically set a course for it. The hipster crossed logo in the window, with the cafe’s initials and images of a camera and a cup of coffee filling the quadrants is the main clue you get about what lies within.

Shutter and brew logo
The Shutter and Brew logo on the outside window.

Once you go through the doors, it is like stepping into a different world. The polished concrete floors and wooden boards that line the walls and ceiling make it feel like you’re in a lodge retreat. The air conditioning also makes it pleasantly cool. It certainly had an urban cafe feel, with interesting magazines (on photography, culture, architecture, and travel) available for perusal while people imbibed their coffees.

Shutter and brew shelf
Photography things as you come through the door.

As suggested by the name and the logo, the focus is on two things: coffee and photography. Things related to both feature prominently. Framed prints from local photographers hang on two of the walls, and are available for purchase. Photography lessons are also offered. Photography paraphernalia is also for sale, and there is a stack of photography books at a corner of the counter to get people interested and get them started. There are also lots of coffee-related products for sale, including grinders, keep cups, and beans to take home, of course.

Shutter and brew photos
Framed photos by local photographers on the wall.


Shutter and brew shop
Some of the things you can buy.

There is a light breakfast menu of muesli, sandwiches, and things on toast, as well as some cake and slice options from the cabinet. We saw someone’s avocado and salmon on corn bread being delivered, and it looked pretty good. We only had coffees this time though.

shutter and brew menu
The menu, actually written up on the door, so you can think about what you want before you go in.

The flat white was thought to be pretty good, with nice texture, and flavour without bitterness.

Shutter and brew cabinet
Cakes and other food in the cabinet.

The mocha milkshake was appropriately cold, and had a nice balance of coffee and chocolate flavours, without being overly sweet. It was also a pretty generous serve.

Shutter and brew coffees
Flat white on the left, milkshake on the right. There wasn’t a pretty picture on the top of the coffee, as it was to go, so there isn’t a photo of the coffee itself.

Service was fine.

Shutter and brew counter
The service counter, and where coffees are made.

Shutter and Brew is an interesting detour for coffee, and you might pick up a new hobby while you’re there.

Shutter and brew outside
Shutter and Brew from the outside.

Food (or drinks) 3/4
Setting 1.5/2
Service 1/2
Total: 5.5/8

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