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Main Street Burger Bar Broadbeach

Posted in Gold Coast

Last updated on March 22, 2018

The Main Street Burger Bar is one of the new restaurants to take up residence in Oasis Broadbeach’s new dining strip. Similar to popular burger vendor and other recent Gold Coast entrant Betty’s Burgers, Main Street Burger Bar also hails from another beachy town, this time Byron Bay.

main street burger bar outside
The outside covered seating area and entrance to the Main Street Burger Bar.

It has a casual, but more urbane vibe. The colour palette is more serious, the sign over the entrance and the stand displaying the menu outside displaying cursive white font on a black background. The interior has light wood tabletops and seats, and tan fake leather booth seats. The sloping faux roof makes it look like the inside of a hut, and greenery hangs down from above, giving it that inside outside feel that so many cafes have adopted now. Warm lights give it a welcoming atmosphere.

main street burger bar inside
The interior of the restaurant.

We were greeted as we walked into the restaurant, and invited to sit where we liked, as we had arrived at an off-peak time and there were plenty of available tables. Menus were brought out to us, listing a range of burgers, salads, and sides on one side, and drink options on the other. They had a few beef burger options, a couple of chicken burger options, a couple of vegetarian options, and a lamb and a fish burger option, so most tastes are catered for. The menu also pointed out that the goodness of their produce, listing that the burger buns are locally baked and organic, the beef is 100% grass fed, the pork is free range, the chickens are happy (how do they know this?), and that the eggs and seafood are locally sourced.

main street burger bar mural
A somewhat gangsta mural along one of the walls.

To test their range, and for variety, we ordered one of their beef burgers, one of their chicken burgers, the lamb burger, and the fish burger.

The drinks side lists some interesting and different from the norm sodas, which it states are hand crafted in Byron Bay. There are options like the Spring Loaded Lemonade, with elderflower, jasmine, cucumber and thyme, or the Snake Ale Tonic, enigmatically described only as a fruity tonic packed full of flavoursome goodness. You also have the option of adding alcohol to the sodas (for extra cost, of course) if you fancy something stronger.

To drink, we ordered the Seasonal ginger beer, and the Outback Passion. They told us that the ginger beer was brewed with different herb and fruit flavours depending on the season. It certainly had a gingery bite, and was just a little sweet. We couldn’t clearly discern the other additions though. The Outback Passion was listed as having passionfruit, bush orange, lemon myrtle, and fresh lime. It certainly had a passionfruit tang, without being too sour. There was also the hint of lime flavour in it.

main street burger bar sodas
The fancy sodas.

The Main Street beef burger had the beef patty, double smoked bacon, caramelised onion, cheese, house BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato. This was a classic combination of ingredients. Some might say that the test of a burger joint is how they do their simple burgers, without hiding behind fancy ingredients and exotic flavours. In this case, we found the meat patty to be nicely cooked. The ground meat had good texture and flavour, without gristle. That bacon was indeed smoky and salty. The caramelised onion and the BBQ sauce gave the mix sweetness. The combination worked.

main street burger bar beef
The Main Street Beef burger with beef patty, double smoked bacon, caramelised onion, cheese, garlic mayo, house BBQ sauce, lettuce, and tomato.


main street burger bar burger
A cross section of the beef burger.

The Troppo Chook had crispy fried chicken tenderloins, double smoked bacon, house pineapple relish, garlic aioli, lettuce, and tomato. The chicken pieces were crunchy on the outside, without the meat being too dry on the inside. The pineapple and capsicum in the relish imparted sweet, tropical flavours that contrasted with the savoury coating on the chicken. The aforementioned smoky bacon made another appearance, adding more saltiness without overdoing it. The garlic mayo added moisture and creaminess to what might otherwise have been a slightly dry on balance burger.

main street burger bar chicken
The Troppo Chook, with crispy fried tenderloins, double smoked bacon, house pineapple relish, garlic aoli, lettuce, and tomato.

The Harissa Roasted Lamb Shoulder burger had smoky spiced lamb shoulder, mint and kale slaw, garlic hummus, aioli, and red onion. The lamb shoulder was served as a pulled meat. It was nicely done, not too bitty and not too sloppy, so that there was meat texture, and proportionally enough sauce to still deliver the flavour promised. It was a spiced, aromatic mix, with definite lamb flavour without being too gamey. The mint and kale slaw balanced the meatiness with freshness. The garlic hummus gave it all a bit of nutty earthiness. It was definitely a tasty combination.

main street burger bar lamb
The Harissa Roasted Lamb Shoulder burger, with smoky spiced lamb shoulder, mint and kale slaw, garlic hummus, aioli, and red onion.

The Teriyaki Fish burger had coconut crumbed local market fish, teriyaki sauce, asian salad, soy dressing, siracha hot sauce, and garlic mayo. The fish was nicely cooked, so that it was still tender. The coconut crumb on the fish pieces was also gave them some crunch on the outside, and a slight sweetness. The teriyaki sauce and the siracha sauce were certainly classic asian flavours, which carried in them complex mixes of sweet, salty, tartness, and heat, even if not usually put together. Carrying on with the asian theme, there were beansprouts in the salad. Again, it was tasty, even if a bit of a cultural mishmash.

main street burger bar fish
The Teriyaki Fish burger, with pieces of coconut crumbed fish, asian salad, soy dressing, teriyaki sauce, siracha hot sauce, soy dressing, and garlic mayo.

We did also get fries. They had a good crunch on the outside, like one would get from a beer batter, and weren’t too oily. They were well seasoned, but not overly salty. Heston would have been proud of those fries.

main street burger bar fries
The fries.

Main Street Burger Bar makes an interesting addition to the range of burger offerings already on the Gold Coast. It serves up quite different flavours from both Betty’s Burgers and Easy Street Diner though, and may be more in line with The Good Wolf. They have a reasonable variety of burgers, without overextending their range. It is worth trying for yourself to work out where they sit.

main street burger bar burgers
A good assortment of burgers.

Food: 3/4
Setting: 1/2
Service: 1/2
Total: 5/8

Price point: Burgers $10 to $20 (for one with truffle aioli and blue cheese), mostly $12 to $16.

Value: Alright.

Address: Shop G0, Oasis Shopping Centre, 53 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
Phone: 07 5531 7703
Website: Main Street Burger Bar

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