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Non Entree Desserts

Posted in Singapore

Last updated on January 3, 2018

Singapore is a land of a lot of food. That is probably an understatement. To stand out, you have to be pretty special. Amongst all that is on offer, Non Entree Desserts is worth making the trek out to.

It isn’t near the bustling Orchard Road stretch, and is in fact some way away from there. You can grab a taxi out, or , if like us and up for a bit more of a trek, take a bus out to the main road closeish to there and walk the rest of the way with Google Maps for guidance. Alternatively, get the MRT to Farrer Park station and go from there. Bear in mind though, that temperatures get up to 30*C, with humidity of about 80%, so the walk can be longer than the distance seems..

After wending a little way through back streets and past older-fronted shophouses, we found the place we were looking for. You’ll catch a glimpse of the cheery yellow door as you approach. The welcome mat is a cleverly tiled black and white step. Swagger, or the promise of magic to come? You will find out..

Step right up.

Inside, the bright yellow theme continues. That, and the large rhino mural, definitely make the place lively. The chandaliers and vintage-style marquee lights give it a relaxed jazz bar feel.

No, you won’t turn into a rhino if you eat all the desserts..

There weren’t many others there when we visited on a weekday afternoon. We had our choice of seats, and cold water was soon brought to us (very necessary with that weather). The menus are already there and waiting at each table, so there is no delay to you poring over the options.

Having seen pictures of the Chocolate Avalance, and reading the description, we couldn’t go past it. It is essentially a chocolate fondant taken to the next level. The fondant sits atop an almond nougatine wafer. As you break through the base of the fondant, the molten chocolate center drips through the hole in the nougatine (already there) and onto the orange-infused vanilla ice cream sitting in chocolate soil in the glass bowl below. It is hot and cold, soft and crunchy, rich and not too sweet. Delicious. Also, there is so much theatre in this dish. No wonder people take so many photos and videos of it.

Non Entree Desserts Chocolate Avalanche
The Chocolate Avalanche as it arrives.


Non Entree Desserts chocolate avalanche being broken..
As the fork breaks through the layers..


Non Entree Chocolate Avalanche avalanche.
Chocolate rains down below..

The other dish we had was the Rubber Ducky. This was very much more a blend of tropical flavours, also cleverly presented. The duck was a frozen exotic cocktail in the form of a very smooth sorbet. It sat on creme fraiche pudding, fresh mango puree, sago, and biscuit for crunch, hidden by a foam of lemongrass bubbles. It had a fun theme, and again had the balance of flavours and textures right.

Non Entree Desserts Rubber Ducky
Non Entree Desserts Rubber Ducky in its bath.


Non Entree Desserts rubber ducky
A closer up view of the ruck before it was eaten.

Other options for those who have less of an appetite are smaller cakes from the counter. If you’re going to go all the way there though, surely you’ll save space for their proper desserts.

Non Entree Desserts cakes
Some of the cakes under glass. Pretty, but their plated desserts are prettier.

Non Entree Desserts is definitely a destination for desserts. It turns out dishes that are both visually appealing and that eat well. We enjoyed this much more than the 2am:Dessert Bar. The desserts here are also reasonably priced. Well worth the detour.

Food: 4/4
Setting: 2/2
Service: 1/2
Total: 7/8

Price point: $11.90-$16.90 for desserts. Less for smaller cakes.

Value: Very good.

Address: 204 Rangoon Road, Singapore
Phone: 65 9878 6543
Website: Non Entree Desserts

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