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Lick Ice Cream

Posted in Brisbane, and South Brisbane

Last updated on June 17, 2016

Lick! Ice Cream in Graceville is a little out of the way of our usual circuits, even for the lure of ice cream, but the additional incentive of a complimentary treat from Zomato was enough to persuade us to venture out.

You may already recognise Lick! (I’m going to do away with the exclamation mark soon) from places such as your local independant grocer, your favourite restaurant (though you may not actually be aware of it), or your refridgerator. Starting out as a manufacturer and supplier, they have since moved on to opening their own ice cream parlour, which, as previously mentioned, is in Graceville.

Lick ice cream sign
The lighted sign in the glass.

Graceville isn’t really that far away from the city, sitting just beyond Indooroopilly. The ice creamery is conveniently located just across from the train station, one of a row of shops in a refitted older single story stone building. “Lick Ice Cream”, announces a lit sign in the shape of a blue ice cream scoop in the window.

Lick ice cream scoops
Ice cream scoops tumbling across the wall.

The interior has theme colours of blue and white. It is blue along one wall, with cut outs of tumbling ice cream scoops on it. This is repeated along the bottom of the ice cream cabinet. It is textured white along other walls and much of the ceiling. There is a variety of seating, with tall bar-style tables and seats along the wall opposite the ice cream cabinet, cushioned bench seats near the shopfront window, and more tables and chairs outside. A cluster of pendant lights hangs down over the main seating area.

lick ice cream inside
The seating area inside, with a cluster of overhead lights.

It is air conditioned to a comfortable temperature inside, and pop music plays over the speakers at variable volume. A television loops clips of their ice creams. The inside area was empty when we first arrived, but soon filled with people coming in for an evening treat.

Lick ice cream refriderator
The refridgerator of tubs of ice cream you can get to take home.

The menu is lighted behind the counter, and offers enhanced ice cream dessert options. After much deliberation, we decided on Doffles and ice cream. The next conundrum was choosing the ice cream flavours to have. There were 22 different flavours available, and a number of mixes we hadn’t seen elsewhere. The staff were happy to let customers try as many flavours as they wanted to help them decide.

Lick ice cream flavours
Some of the available ice cream flavours.

Of what we sampled, the Cocoa sorbet was rich and chocolatey despite not having the usual dairy creaminess. The Spiced apple cider was little tart. The Salted nut brown butter with almonds tasted a bit like salted caramel. It was rich, and had that savoury flavour. There wasn’t really the sweetness to counter it on the other side though.

Lick ice cream flavours
More of the ice cream flavours. So many choices..

We eventually picked the Baclava and the Coffee and hazelnut flavours to have with the doffles, and asked to have chocolate sauce instead of the butterscotch sauce. Doffles, also known elsewhere as wonuts, are a cross between waffles and doughnuts. In the US, where they first took off, they were deep fried and dipped in glazes and toppings. Here, they are baked instead, so promoted as being healthier. They were dense and chewy, probably a dense doughnut consistency, with the corrugated grid of a waffle, but didn’t have the outer crunch of a waffle. The Baclava ice cream was sweet, and had filo pastry bits in it, and nuts. The Coffee and hazelnut ice cream was also sweet, with a mild coffee flavour. The chocolate sauce solidified on contact with the cold ice cream, and we entertained ourselves making patterns with it, until the rest solidified in the little bowl.

Lick ice cream doffles
Ice cream scoops sitting on the cinamon sugared doffles, pot of chocolate sauce in the fore.


lick ice cream doffles
Coffee and hazelnut ice cream, and baclava ice cream, sitting on doffles.


Lick ice cream doffles
What you get from playing with your food.. They look better a bit decorated.

The wait staff were very patient, and lovely. They made everyone feel welcome there.

Lick ice cream outside
The seating outside.

Lick Ice Cream is a good place for a sweet treat. The ice creams tend to the sweet side, and might be a little too sweet for some compared to what other places around do. They have some different flavours compared to elsewhere as well though, and are still worth trying. There are also takeaway pre-packaged tubs of their ice cream in a refridgerator, and they will also pack a combination of flavours in a takeaway pack for you if a cone to go isn’t enough.

Food: 2.5/4
Setting: 1/2
Service: 1.5/2
Total: 5/8

Price point: Desserts $7 to $12.50. Single scoop $4.50. Double scoop $6.50. Triple scoop $8.50. Takeaway packs $13 to $14 for 1L.

Value: Alright.

Address: 3/321 Honour Ave, Graceville
Phone: 07 3062 8183
Website: Lick! Ice Cream

Lick Ice Cream and Desserts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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